Keep your customers, employees, company, and assets safe, against damage or violent crimes like robbery and assault.


Are your customers safe?

Commercial Security Information

Common crimes against companies: Burglary, Robbery, Property damage, Larceny, Employee crime. 

We offer an excellent sentry and patrol service that monitors all structures, access points, perimeters, and parking lots. 

Our company uses a continuous roving patrol , when maneuvering on patrol we will conduct thorough inspections to prevent loss and damages. 

In the event of an emergency our guards will provide rapid response, while making sound decisions in difficult and dangerous situations.

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Our guards use a continuous roving patrol technique, while conducting inspections to prevent robbery, assault, burglary, loss, damage, and vandalism.

Residential Buildings

With violent crime on the rise, providing guards to residential areas offers a vast amount of positive outcomes and immediate emergency response.

Office Buildings

To provide you with the best services,  our guards are trained in conflict resolution and customer service. 


We offer an excellent sentry and patrol service that monitors all points of entry and in and out traffic with a timely response to all emergency calls.


We enforce our clients parking rules & regulations. Our guards deter criminal activity from all parking lots and structures, and ensure the safe flow of traffic.

Shopping Centers

Robbery, burglary, and assault are common violent crimes found at businesses. When danger comes we'll protect you.