Executive Protection

Bodyguard, personal protection, executive security

Stay protected with our unique service. We offer protection 24/7 wherever you go.

Residential Homeowners

Home security, residential security

We created a residential service because we know your home is your sanctuary and burglary is unpredictable, disastrous, and perilous. 


commercial security, residential building security, private security, security guards, security.

Our officers deter criminal activity, apprehends criminals, and provide an immediate response to all emergencies.


Construction security

Theft, damage, vandalism, and trespassers are common problems with construction site security. We protect your company, its assets, and your materials.

Courier & Logistics

Armed courier, courier, Security guard courier, Home security, private security, security guard.

Need an armed courier? We have a highly trained courier team, that will ensure the safe arrival of your most valuable assets.


warehouse security

Take advantage of our 24/7 service. We are experts at loss prevention, inventory management, and distribution yard monitoring while offering a timely emergency response.

Places of Worship

Church Security

We support everybody's 1st amendment right to practice religion freely. We protect that right by providing your establishment with our optimum services.

Special Events

event security, bar security, party security, guard, protection, safety.

Protect your special events from unauthorized entry, violence, damage, theft, terrorism, and all other criminal activity. 

Medical Facilities

Hospital Security, Hospital Guard

Violent acts toward Medical Facilities are becoming more common. Stay protected with our professional service.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant security, bar security

Our guards are trained to diligently resolve disturbances, conflicts, and emergencies in a timely manner.


Hotel Security

Keep your hotel guests, visitors, & employees safe, while keeping your assets and property protected.


Bank security

Our guards ensure the safety and protection of the your employees, assets, and property. When your assets are on the move we make sure they get where they're going.